Here is some of the best fan art I could find on the web. Nominate someone's art by emailing me at More coming soon!

Little Girl

It may not be the best... But I own this site, so I can put it up. Most of my sketches are the result of homework procrastination, and because I have the shortest attention span in the history of man kind so the sketches tend to get sloppy after a while.
The second image's thumbnail is really messed up, it looks better enlarged.

Buffy and Kendra
Angel, Dru, and Spike
Angel after he came back from hell and Buffy chained him up.
A messed up sketch of Xander and Faith
a cartoony Xander
Spike looking a bit dazed.
and last a freaky cartoon of Angel, Dru Spike, Buffy and Xander.